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Call Us Toll Free !
From the US and Canada:
1 855 827 0827

From Australia:
Free Phone: 1-800-836-448

Note: If unavailable, leave a voicemail for us to call you back.

Compass Travel Romania LLC is a Romanian-American tour operator with the main office in Bucharest, Romania and regional offices in Bulgaria and Hungary.

We offer excellent private tours of Romania, at more than fair prices. We also combine tours with Bulgaria, Hungary and Macedonia as well as the Republic of Moldova.

We carefully design and run all our tours, first hand. Contrary to the belief "if it's a private tour it then should be expensive", we simply offer the best value for money at affordable prices.

Exclusive Cultural Connections & Programs: a Window into the Romanian Culture ...
With over 30 years of real expertise in private tours, we are proud to offer uncommon, exclusive cultural connections and insights into a relatively unknown part of Europe which is now being rediscovered. Meeting with local people and learning about their lifes, the hands-on activities, the off-the-beaten track sights, the visits to local colorful markets, meeting with Gypsies, learning about life in Communism and witnessing the changes, as well as the handicraft demonstrations and the exclusively organized folklore performances, are part of our programs.

We take great pride in our interaction with the locals, witness of daily life and home hosted experiences which are best way for an authentic cultural interchange.

Personalized and Tailor Made Romania Tours
Creativity and Customization are our hallmarks. Most of the journeys we run are based on customized itineraries.
Our tours are all designed based on your budget, particular interests and the number of days allowed for each trip. We always come up with suggestions and ideas as of what is available and worth seeing and doing. Even later, while on tour you will have the flexibility to make changes in the daily program if you wish to. We are your actual tour designer and operator.

Customizing a tour involves no extra cost
We will work on it until we reach the perfect itinerary for you.

Our Set itineraries and Small Group Departures; Solo Travelers are Welcome !
Our groups are limited to eight participants. Particularly our best selling small group tour "The Highlights of Romania".

Our Tour Guides: Simply the Best Team
While they are all licensed and speak excellent English, their mission is to offer an ”insider's perspective” on the places you are visiting. For instance, *life under Communism* is one of the most interesting topics and they are all able to develop on this as they lived through it. We only work with hand picked, experienced and resourceful guides having a deep knowledge of the country, history, architecture and local customs. We feel sure that you will enjoy their company and benefit from their knowledge. All our driving tour guides have a clean driving record.

Our Travelers
Are mostly from North America, Australia and South East Asia and come from every walk of life. Most are retired but well traveled and having a particular interest in this part of the World.

Press Reviews & Tour References
For many years we are enjoying excellent tour reviews. We have consulted for both Frommer's and Fodor's. Our recent Travel Channel interview as well as the many travel articles over the past years such as in International Travel News Magazine, Sunday Morning Herald or Travel Weekly, stand proof of the quality we like to offer. You can find more on Tripadvisor or just read our Testimonials page while further references are provided on request.

We look forward to welcoming you in Romania! Travel Agents are Welcome.






Within the last 12 years there were more and more American and Canadian families who had previously adopted children from Romania that were now contacting us for private tours to the homeland of their children. So far we have organized and run tours for over 35 families with ties to Romania.

While we are the specialist when it comes to Romania private tours, we've very soon come to realize these tours involve a special preliminary preparation from both sides. 

Preparing such a trip is a very complex process. As we are based in Romania, we are happy to help with any research pertaining to pre planning: from finding the natural parents to identifing the actual places related to both the child and the adoption process. We then go through extensive and detailed trip planning, to make sure the goal of your trip is achieved, and more.......

We thouroughly understand the deep significance of such a journey. To the adopted children it gives them a sense of identity, provides ownership of their own stories and strenghtens family bonds. While for the parents it is the accomplishment of the desire to offer their children what they have been thinking of for many years, that is the opportunity to visit their home country and get a sense of belonging.

A homeland journey is rewarding, although complex. Based on our deep knowledge of Romania, our long time established experience and desire to offer the best, we invite you to work with us for a memorable trip.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at office@tours-of-romania.com

OR CALL TOLL FREE 855 827 0827